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**100% of the proceeds from the sale of the "I Can't Breathe" T-Shirt will go to The Minnesota Freedom Fund**


~Wear Your Truth~

“Do not underestimate the role that clothes can play in promoting change”.  Carmen Perez – Civil Rights Advocate

The Advocates is a social awareness brand that provides a wearable platform for your truth to be heard. Our designs are centered on the current resistance movement and social activism in relation to human rights, equality, safety, health, the environment, LGBTQ rights, and support of feminism and women empowerment. We provide a platform for individuals to stand up, stand out, promote awareness, spark purpose driven conversations and be heard. 

Our brand stands on the belief that we should all do our part to rise up, create awareness and make a difference while creating an overall movement. We believe in equality and equal opportunities for all in every sense of what it truly means to achieve the American dream. Our goal is to provide an outlet of graphic expression and to create statements that leave an imprint while providing a means of visual resistance and standing in solidarity on our beliefs.  

As we take this social and visual protest to the next level we want to give back to the cause in support of funding those organizations that are in support of fighting for the greater good and interest of the future of our democracy. For every “tee” that is purchased through our company, we will donate a percentage of sales to organizations in support of social awareness issues and those that are making positive social impacts in the community.  

Join the movement and wear your truth! 


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